Write an account of Red Chiefs kidnapping from his point of view.

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In order to write this piece from the point of view of Red Chief, you must look at the progression of the story. First you must get the voice of the character. He is a spoiled brat who does not understand boundaries or lines. He wants to get his way and do as he wishes and he expects everyone to go along with him at all times. You must also look at the role reversal and how Red Chief would have experienced this change in circumstances. He is just playing with them, but the threats of "burning at the stake" and "scalping" become very real to the kidnappers. They are unable to sleep and lose all control of the situation. When writing about these events from the perspective of Red Chief, you are making up the thoughts and feelings that this spoiled little boy is having as he tortures his kidnappers to the point when they give up and accept defeat.

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