Write about the theme of conflict in Romeo and Juliet with examples.

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two of the usual topics mentioned when dealing with conflict in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet are, of course, the feud between the two families, and the obstacles to the love between Romeo and Juliet that result from the feud.  The obstacles are primary to the love story, and the feud is secondary and contributes to the primary.  In other words, the play is a love story with, as usual in love stories, obstacles, and the obstacles are created by the feud.

But just for fun I'll mention a conflict that underlies the love story and that you might not read about from most sources.  Below is an interesting conflict mentioned in the enotes Study Guide to the play:

Another concept fundamental to understanding Romeo and Juliet is the struggle between the opposing forces of love and death. Shakespeare developed this theme by constructing images that personify death as Juliet's lover. This overall impression is achieved through the repeated use of oxymora (the pairing of contradictory terms), such as "death-mark'd love," and more subtle word oppositions, like "womb" and "tomb."

Shakespeare uses a form of juxtaposition (the pairing of opposites), oxymorons, to associate death with love.  This suggests the lovers are, truly, doomed from the beginning.