Write about the structure of society and the importance of religion in India.Write about the structure of society and the importance of religion in India.

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Society in India is somewhat structured around religion.  India is known for its strict caste system.  This follows the Hindu belief that you are born to your station in life and that does not change.  I agree with the above that the mixture of Hindu and Muslim religions has caused some conflict.

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There are actually two societies in India, both based on religious beliefs. The differences of opinion on these matters is a primary cause of the conflict that exists in India. Northern India is Islamic. Pursuant to Islamic belief, there is not true class distinction, as the Koran teaches that all are equal in the eyes of God. Islam is also a monotheistic religion. The Islamic Creed states there is no God but God, and Muhammad is his messenger.

By contrast, Southern India is Hindu. The caste system, into which one is born, determines ones class. There is some limited social mobility, and the caste system was legally outlawed in India some years ago; however the belief still stands. Ones caste determines ones life's work, ones spouse, and many elements of ones life. It is determined by ones previous life, as reincarnation is a primary principle of Hinduism. Several years past, the horrors of this disparate system were illustrated when a building burned with people inside. Others refused to go in to rescue them, for fear that some might be untouchables.  Finally, Hinduism is polytheistic with a large pantheon of Gods.

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