Write about how this ATODG has affected your knowledge, attitude or decisions about ATODG. What will you do with the knowledge you have gained? Has your thinking changed? If so, how? Will you approach some experiences differently as a result of this unit? What was the most important concept for you in this unit? Why?

Any basic ATODG unit will likely impact a student in a different way. Each student brings their own experiences and relationship to ATODG. A student who’s had negative, destructive experiences with ATODG might have different answers than a student who’s had relatively innocuous interactions with ATODG. There’s not a wrong answer.

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Your questions about your ATODG unit are quite subjective. Your answers won’t be the same as another persons. As your questions acknowledge, they will depend upon your own personal experiences with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and other drugs.

Not everyone interacts or has the same kind of relationship with these things. Some people might have come into the unit already understanding the dangers and risks involved with ATODG. Perhaps they have a sibling, parent, or friend who has been negatively impacted by ATODG. They have a real life example about the harm that these things can cause. If that’s the case, the unit might have told them what they were already aware of.

Other people might have had limited or no exposure to ATODG. Conversely, maybe they were exposed to ATODG in a different light. Perhaps they have a sibling, parent, or friend who gambles, drinks, or uses drugs, but does so in a way that doesn’t seem to interfere with their well-being or life goals. If that’s the case, the student might learn that not all ATODG usage can be benign. They might learn ATODG can have catastrophic consequences if the person isn’t careful (or even if the person tries to be careful).

The basic ATODG unit presents many concepts. You could talk about how peer pressure contributes to ATODG or how marketing and media makes ATODG look enticing. Again, it’s up to you figure out which concept stuck with you the most.

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