Write a three paragraph report about water conservation. Explain how water is wasted and ways people can conserve it. Be sure to include relevant facts and statistics.

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There are several different areas one could explore in a report about water conservation. One important area is leakage and waste in water delivery systems. As water is transported from reservoirs and purification plants through hundreds of thousands of pipes throughout the world, a certain percentage is lost due to leaks. One major way to conserve water is to update delivery systems and use new leakage monitoring technology.

Another issue such a report could consider is farming. According to the USDA, farming is responsible for over 80 percent of the ground water consumption in the United States. Making farms more efficient in water use, especially through targeted and drip irrigation systems, would significantly reduce water use. Also, many economists argue that artificially low water prices for farms contribute to waste.

Finally, a report about water conservation should mention that individuals can conserve water by planting native vegetation that does not require watering, using efficient toilets and shower heads, and fixing dripping faucets, among other things.

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