Write a thesis statement which addresses the following prompt: Consider how Boyle uses literary techniques in "Sinking House" to illuminate the work as a whole.

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The first step to writing a thesis statement is to determine what claim you want to make about T. C. Boyle's story “Sinking House.” For the purpose of this assignment, you must choose one or more literary techniques that the author uses in the development of the story's primary theme. If that theme is gender inequality, and that is certainly one of the story's major themes, let's identify some literary techniques that the author uses to express that theme.

First, you could talk about the story's symbolism and argue that the author uses symbols to explore how women characters are shown as oppressed by the male characters. You might develop such a thesis by talking about the symbols of water or Meg's schedule or even Sonny's vodka and gold chain.

Alternately, you might focus on how the author sets up contrasts in the story to make the point that no matter how different Muriel and Meg appear to be on the surface, they share a similar struggle as women.

Finally, you might construct an argument about the similarities in character between Muriel's late husband, Monty, and Meg's husband, Sonny, to show that neither of them treat their wives as they should.

When you go to construct your thesis, you will want to make sure that it includes the author and title, the literary form you are focusing on, and the point you are making about theme. A sample thesis statement might read as follows: In “Sinking House,” T. C. Boyle uses symbols, including water, vodka, and a schedule, to reveal how the women in the story are unappreciated and even oppressed by the men.

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