Write a thesis statement for the following prompt: Can the US now correctly claim to have eliminated racism and overcome its heritage of racial exclusion?

When writing a thesis on this topic, you should consider what side of the argument you agree with and which side has the most evidence to support it. Also, a good thesis for this topic could alert readers to the fact that the essay will discuss both sides of the issue and eventually push your reader into siding with your main argument.

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Whether or not you believe that the United States has finally eliminated racism and overcome its heritage of racial exclusion is entirely up to you. The prompt is asking you to make an argument, and your main argument should definitely be presented to readers in the form of a thesis statement.

My first recommendation is to pick the side of the argument that you truly believe. Your reader will hear and feel that passion in your writing. Additionally, when you truly believe your argument, the essay tends to be a little more fun to write. My second recommendation might prevent you from doing the the first recommendation, however: choose the argument that is easier to support because more evidence exists for it. This might sound like a way to cheat the essay, but keep in mind that a thesis statement is a statement that makes an argument. Your goal is to convince your reader of something, and using the "card stacking" technique of heaping on piles of evidence is a good method of convincing a reader of an argument.

Because the topic is essentially an either/or topic, write a double-sided thesis statement that begins with a dependent clause. The first half of the statement mentions the opposing argument, and the second half of the statement contains your main argument. For example, you might write, "Although the United States has done an admirable job of eliminating racism and overcoming racial exclusion, racism and racial exclusion are still quite prevalent throughout many parts of the country."

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