Write a summary and analysis of chapters 6–8 of Second-Class Citizen.

Chapters 6–8 of Second Class Citizen are concerned with Francis and Adah’s move to a new apartment after they are evicted. Francis becomes lazier and more domineering. Adah gives birth to their third child. The chapters emphasize the difficulties that Nigerians faced in finding housing due to racism and legalized discrimination. The growing rift in the couple’s marriage becomes increasingly apparent.

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In Chapter 6, Adah and Francis are evicted from their apartment and must find a new place to live. Landlords either refuse to rent to “coloured” people or lie and say the place is already rented. The tense relationship with their neighbors stresses the Nigerian ethnic rivalries, while the couple’s difficulties in renting reveal English racism, which allowed legal discrimination, and the couple’s dual vulnerability as Black foreigners.

Chapter 7 explores the historical background of Nigerian immigration in the previous generation. It features a man who came as a law student in that era, who has become known as Pa Noble. Now an elderly man whose wife, Sue, is a white Englishwoman, Pa owns a house in which an apartment has become available. Despite some reservations, including the run-down neighborhood where it is located, Adah and Francis move in there. The chapter paints a contrast between the generations of Nigerian migrants and further emphasizes the difficulties in finding housing.

Chapter 8 picks up several weeks after the move. Although she is not due for a few more weeks, Adah suspects she is going into labor. Putting aside her suspicion, she tries to go to work but cannot travel because of a transportation strike. After seeing a doctor, she attempts to stay with her plan for a midwife-assisted home delivery. The midwives insist she go to the hospital, where she has a C-section; the baby is a large, hairy boy. Along with the difficulties regarding the birth, the chapter focuses on the deterioration of their marriage, primarily due to Francis’s irresponsibility and criticism.

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