Write a short (2-page) paper in APA style discussing the following elements:Describe the project that you were working on, including the people involved.Explain the problem that you encountered with the group. How was that problem overcome? What was the end result of encountering and dealing with that problem?What do you think was the cause of the problem? How much of the problem came from miscommunication, either from you or from other people involved? What did you do to help resolve the problem?If you were able to relive that experience, how would you change the way that you approached the encountered problem? How would you communicate differently?How, ultimately, was the conflict resolved?

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This appears to be a request for help in working on an essay about a group assignment you completed in class. There are several things that a student needs to do to complete such an assignment successfully.

First, the instructor wants a story of difficulties that were overcome during the course of the project. Thus the main focus of the paper should be some issue that was successfully resolved. This might be an issue of how people decided to allocate tasks within a group or a point on which your group initially disagreed, but the central narrative must be one of an initial problem and use of problem solving strategies to lead to a successful conclusion. This is a good assignment because it is precisely the sort of narrative one is often asked for in job interviews, namely of an example of a problem you overcame successfully. An important rhetorical strategy here is that you should not write in a way that blames some member of your group for the problem, but rather you should show how a problem was resolved by teamwork, something that shows that you understand professionalism.

The next major opportunity for success in this essay is structure. The instructor clearly wants the paper divided into sections and the appropriate material covered in each section. A good way to approach this would be to create an outline with section headings and then write the paper by filling in each section in order to make sure everything has been covered. Thus you might include:

  • Introduction: Overview of project
  • People: Name of each person involved, their majors, and their assigned tasks
  • Description of problem
  • Cause of problem
  • Resolution process
  • Final outcome/solution
  • What you would do differently in a future group project based on your experience of this problem

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