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Write a reader response journal about "Borges and I" and "The Cicular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges, focusing on the question of biography versus imagination in these stories.

In a reader response journal, you write down your individual impressions as a reader to the literary works you are considering. The short stories "Borges and I" and "The Circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges both deal with the question of biography (or reality) and imagination by creating distinct and separate entities of the writer (or wizard), the literary persona that people perceive, and the characters that the writer creates.

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Reader response is a form of literary criticism in which your experience as a reader is more important than the contents of the text that you are analyzing. With this in mind, you should focus on subjective impressions of the short stories "Borges and I" and "The Circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges when you are writing your journal.

In "Borges and I," the author highlights the difference between the persona that a writer creates through his works and the writer as an actual individual. The person who is writing this story is the biographical person, while the Borges he is writing about is the imaginary literary persona that people create in their minds as they read his works. The narrator in this story sees the public persona of Borges as a separate individual, and this Borges is the professor and the author of the books that have been written. The narrator sees himself as a transient, temporal being who is gradually transferring the...

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