Write a persuasive speech about why people should eat less meat.

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When writing a persuasive speech about why people should eat less meat, you might consider that eating less meat enables people to stay healthier, lower their risk of getting various diseases, avoid obesity, save animals from being raised and slaughtered in unethical factory farms, and help preserve the environment.

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According to experts, there are numerous reasons why having less meat in our diets is beneficial. I'll delineate some of the main arguments, and then you can choose which of these you want to use in your speech.

First of all, eating less meat is healthy. Studies show that eating more vegetables and less meat reduces cancer risk, especially gastrointestinal cancer. You'll also have less risk of contracting type 2 diabetes due to decreased cholesterol and saturated fat in your diet. Less saturated fat and cholesterol also means that you'll be less prone to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Those who eat less meat are less prone to obesity. You'll find it easier to lose weight if you stick to a complete or even partial vegetarian diet, even if you still consume the same amount of calories. Vegetarians usually have a lower average BMI, or Body Mass Index, than those who eat significant amounts of meat. This means that you'll look better and feel better. Studies show that cutting down on meat also makes your body odor less intense and more pleasant.

Some people choose to stop eating meat or eat less meat because of the unethical modern methods of raising animals for consumption. Most animals whose meat is sent to market are raised in industrial complexes known as factory farms. They are kept in conditions that are overcrowded, without enough sunlight and exercise, and they regularly receive antibiotics to prevent infections and hormones to speed up growth.

Raising the animals that are slaughtered for meat is also bad for the environment. The livestock industry creates as much greenhouse gases as all the cars and trucks on the road put together. Additionally, millions of acres of carbon dioxide–absorbing rain forests have been decimated to make room for more cattle ranches.

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