Write a personal reflection or explain what you think of or relate to in chapter 12 of Medicine River.

In chapter 12, we are introduced to Lionel. Lionel knew Will's father and briefly mentions him, but he doesn't say much more than this. This sparks Will's curiosity, but he doesn't get the answers he is looking for. This may inspire readers to reflect on why Will is so caught up with his father and the past.

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Naturally, you will have your own personal reflection and thoughts on chapter 12, but the following ideas may help you compose your own ideas.

In this chapter, we meet another new character, Lionel. Lionel and Harlen both come into Will’s studio, and all three of them end up chatting over coffee and snacks. While they are chatting, Will learns that Lionel knew his father. He tries to find out more about how they know each other, but his questions are pushed aside each time. As they continue their conversation, we learn that Lionel travels all over the world telling stories about Indians because people seem to be very curious about Indian ways. After they are done chatting, he invites Will over to his house to hear more stories. Will takes him up on his invitation, and Lionel tells him that he thinks it is crazy that “people [are] living in the past.”

This chapter may incline readers to think about why people enjoy hearing about the past. Additionally, it may cause readers to question if it is healthy to live in the past. Will constantly tries to get more information about his past when it comes to his father, but he never gets the answers he wants. This may cause readers to wonder if Will would let his past go if he could finally get answers about who his father really was.

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