Write a paragraph analyzing a quotation from "Boys and Girls."

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The quotation from “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro we're going to analyze is the following:

Whatever thoughts and stories my father had were private, and I was shy of him and would never ask him questions.

This quotation, spoken by the story's eleven-year-old girl narrator, is interesting because it gives us an insight into how men in this society are expected to behave. The narrator's father is very much the strong, silent type, a man who doesn't show his emotions and thus conveys the impression of someone with great inner strength.

What's even more interesting is that the narrator favorably compares the silence of her father to the openness of her mother. Unlike her husband, the narrator's mother will tell her daughter about all kinds of things, much of it quite trivial, such as the dresses she used to wear when she was younger and the names of the boys she once dated.

Given that she's a bit of a tomboy, the narrator much prefers the silence of her father to the loquaciousness of her mother. Initially, at least. It's only towards the end of the story that her feminine side will come to the surface.

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