Write a paper (1500 words) on Islam covering the following: (a) A brief history of origin; (b) Concepts of God; (c) Who they believe Jesus is; (d) Concepts of man; (e) Sin; (f) Salvation; (g) Death; (h) Eternal destiny (heaven and hell)

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You have a lot of questions here, and I certainly won't be able to write your paper for you. I will, however, offer you some ideas which you can perhaps draw from to write the paper yourself.

Islam is commonly supposed to originate from about six hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ. Islam is an Abrahamic religion, meaning that the earliest prophets of Islam are believed to be Abraham and his descendants. In Islam, Jesus is also considered to be a prophet.

In Islam, God is believed to be omniscient and omnipotent, meaning all-knowing and all-powerful. In Islam, God is also believed to have created the world and everything in it. The Islamic God, known as Allah, is also considered to be beyond understanding, existing as neither a spiritual nor material entity.

According to Islamic teachings, man exists to serve Allah. Man is above the animals because he has been given a soul by Allah, and because man has the capacity to act morally.

In Islam, any act which contravenes the will of Allah is regarded as a sin. Among those sins considered the most grievous are murder, committing adultery, not fasting during Ramadan, and worshipping a god other than Allah.

In Islam, as in Christianity, death is seen not as an end but rather as a beginning. In death, it is thought that the soul leaves the body, and thereafter begins its afterlife. The corporeal life of the body is regarded as merely the preparatory stage before the afterlife.

If one has lived a good life, one's soul will ascend to Jannah, the Islamic equivalent of heaven. If one has lived an evil life, however, in defiance of Allah's will, then one's soul will go instead to Jahannam, which is the Islamic equivalent of hell.

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