Write a page about the importance Maggie helping in the development of other characters in Plainsong

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The character of Maggie Jones provides both a central pole to which the other characters are all attached in some way and the catalyst for the plot’s development and resolution. While she is primarily the embodiment of maternal selflessness, she is also a person in her own right. As the caregiver of her father, she demonstrates the role reversal of functioning as a parent to a frail elderly man with dementia. She further fulfills a maternal role when she reaches out to help and support Victoria Robideaux, even taking the pregnant teenager into her home. The degree of her care for the girl is further demonstrated by her recognition that she must protect Vicky and the unborn baby from her father’s violent tendencies. Maggie’s work as a teacher is further demonstration of her nurturing side.

Not merely a static figure or just a maternal symbol, Maggie takes decisive action to help resolve Vicky’s problem and at the same time bring new purpose to the McPheron brothers. Her caring and emotional generosity to Harold and Raymond both parallels and complements her attitude and behavior toward her own father, but she is on more equal footing with them. Her growth as a mature, adult female—although less well developed than her maternal side—is shown through her developing relationship with Tom Guthrie.

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