Write a note on Pygmalion as a comedy of manners.

Pygmalion is a comedy of manners because it satirizes the behavior of the upper and middle classes in turn-of-the-century British society.

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A comedy of manners usually satirizes the behavior of a class of people, typically the nobility or other upper classes. This sort of comedy tends to be set in contemporary times. Dialogue tends to be witty.

Pygmalion is a comedy of manners because it largely satirizes the upper class of British society. The manners and customs of the upper class are mocked subtly through the upper-class linguist Professor Higgins's molding of the lower-class flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a lady by refining her speech. Eliza's attempts to pass as a member of the upper class are complicated by her occasional slips, which Higgins disguises. For example, Eliza discusses her father's drinking problem and uses foul language in polite society, but Higgins tells his guests that she is simply using "the new small talk" to cover up the faux pas. That his explanation is believed presents the upper classes as gullible and obsessed with the latest fashions.

Alfred Doolittle's social rise also satirizes class-based...

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