Write a four-paragraph essay on the topic, "Is it important to know more than one foreign language?"

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Other arguments to consider:

* If I speak only one language, I assume everyone else in the world I may have contact or do business with to learn more than one, and to learn English.  Europeans call this cultural arrogance.  Learning more than one language makes us better world citizens.

* America is already a multilingual place.  17 million households speak Spanish as the primary language in the home.  Spanish is my second language (and I am not close to fluent yet) and I use it in my work and the valley in which I live all the time.

*  Learning a second language is difficult, especially if you are older.  But learning a third language after that is easier, and a fourth even easier.  Learning a second language makes you much more likely to learn a third or fourth.

*  Learning a foreign language helps you understand the roots of language, words, grammar, etc. and, depending on the language, can also help you to better understand your native tongue, as there are often many similarities in language families.

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I think this a great topic, but one that American students may have more problems defending than other students around the world. Knowing more than one foreign language gives a person not only the ability to converse with millions of other native speakers of that language, but it gives them a broader understanding of the people and their culture. A person who speaks three different languages is highly sought after in the job market, and many international businesses would be quick to hire someone who is trained in the appropriate field and can speak or translate multiple languages.

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We cannot write essays for you on this site, but I will give you some reasons that you might be able to use.

You can say that it is not important to know more than one foreign language because:

  • Many people do not find themselves in circumstances where they will need to know many different foreign languages.
  • Just learning one foreign language helps you have a different perspective on the world, so learning more than one is not important.

You can argue that it is important to learn more than one because:

  • If you only learn one, you don't get so much insight into how language works (especially if the language you learn is similar to your own).
  • If you can learn two widely-used foreign languages, you greatly increase your chances of finding someone who can talk to you anywhere in the world.  For example, if you know French and Chinese, you can find people to talk to you in almost any foreign country in any continent.
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