Write a different end to "The Necklace," assuming either that Madame Loisel never lost or that she found the necklace.

"The Necklace" is a character study of a woman who is dissatisfied because she has a shallow set of values, and therefore, even if she found the necklace quickly, her life would be unhappy, because she is a person who cannot be satisfied with what she has. We could imagine an alternative ending in which self-destructive behavior, such as having an affair, brings her to misery.

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"The Necklace" is a study of the pitfalls of having a shallow character and a shallow set of values. Madame Loisel is the kind of person destined for unhappiness, because she will never be satisfied with the life she has been given, no matter how satisfactory others might find it.

If we envision her locating the necklace after losing it, we can imagine she would have had a huge scare. That would have probably, for a short time, given her a great deal of relief and gratitude that the necklace had been recovered. She would have perhaps a glimmer of appreciation for leading a life without a huge debt dragging her into poverty.

However, we can imagine this Madame Loisel soon reverting back to full of dissatisfaction with her comfortable middle-class existence because it lacks the glamour of the wealthy life in the romance novels she reads. The evening out might make her more unhappy than before, filled with longing for another chance to wear a diamond necklace. At this point, she would have...

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