Write a diary entry from the perspective of Leo Borlock in Stargirl about how Hillari treats Stargirl at the taping of Hot Seat. Include empathetic writing. 

When writing a diary entry from the perspective of Leo Borlock in Stargirl about how Hillari treats Stargirl at the taping of Hot Seat, follow the progression of his thoughts from dread through admiration through helplessness to repulsion.

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To complete this assignment, you're going to have to do some role playing. Try to see with Leo Borlock's eyes, hear with his ears, and think with his mind. Remember, you are writing in his own diary, so write in the first person. You are, for the moment, Leo Borlock!

Let's brainstorm about what Leo (and you) might write in his diary after the disastrous taping of Hot Seat. You might begin by writing about how Leo is hesitant to have Stargirl on the show. He even says that he wishes that no one would watch. He seems to have an idea that things could go extremely wrong, so he is not especially surprised when they do.

Next, think about what Leo is thinking when he sees that Hillari Kimble is a member of the "jury." He notices this just after he sees Stargirl tap-dancing across the stage. Still writing in Leo's persona, you might describe his sinking feeling at that moment as well as his inability to do anything but push forward with the show.

Leo is probably struggling between paying attention to his duty as director and his fascination with Stargirl. You might devote a couple sentences to that conflict. Also reflect on what Leo is thinking when Stargirl pretends that she is really in the Hot Seat. He is dreadfully confused at first and doesn't get the joke. Then he admires her nerve.

As the show goes on, though, things get much worse. Leo is helpless to do anything as the jury rakes Stargirl over the proverbial coals. Focus a few sentences on Leo's desperation from the control room. You might touch on his anger toward Hillari, his inner pleas to Stargirl not to cry, and repulsion by the students' behavior. Think about what Leo might feel when Mr. Robineau ends the show. He is probably relieved and embarrassed.

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