Write a detailed analysis of Eunice de Souza's poem "Advice to Women."

Eunice de Souza's poem "Advice to Women" seeks to teach women how to cope with romantic breakups. De Souza encourages women to use the indifference of cats as a model of behavior to follow when jilted by their lovers.

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There exists a duality in this sparsely written poem through combining the speaker's frustration and recognition of the humiliation of women with a spirit of resilience and dry optimism.

The premise of "Advice to Women" is that lovers often choose "otherness." These lovers have affairs and prove themselves unfaithful. Although this truth is minimized with lines delivered almost completely devoid of modifiers or literary devices, there is an underlying recognition that women often find themselves jilted by those who fail to recognize the boundaries of monogamous relationships. A sparse structure highlights the core truth of reality that women often face as they seek romantic partners.

The speaker suggests that women take note of the way cats navigate through such matters. The cat itself often presents a duality in symbolism. First, it has long been associated with fertility and healing. However, it often also symbolizes darkness and a cold sense of detachment. In this way, the speaker...

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