Write a critical essay on "Death of the Hired Man" and "Paul's Wife" by Robert Frost. You must support your ideas with at least 2 books of scholarly criticism from the library (not a book review or summary). You can't cite internet sources. Please be sure to find an argumentative thesis. Please do not include a plot summary as part of your paper.

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The eNotes site does not permit educators to write papers or do homework assignments for students; that said, what we can offer are suggestions about where to find the information you need and how to structure your thesis and essay.

A good approach would be to approach your school or community library, or if there is a local college in your area, its library. Seek out the reference librarian, and tell him or her that you are looking for published criticism on the work of Robert Frost and that your teacher has asked that the sources not be from the internet. Many school libraries have reference sets for this very purpose, such as Poetry for Students Series published by Gale Group, a Cengage Company.

If your library does not have a book in its collection, you could ask them to locate it for you through interlibrary loan or find out if it is available as an ebook. For example, Critical Insights: Robert Frost, edited by Morris Dickstein for Salem Press and published in 2009, is likely to be helpful. Roads Not Taken: Rereading Robert Frost, edited by Wilcox and Barron and published by the University of Missouri Press in 2000, is another book to look for.

Once your research is complete, a thesis statement would be the next step. Since the assignment involves two of Frost's poems, it seems that a compare/contrast analysis would be a sensible approach. Find something common in the two poems or something that sets them apart, and then make a declarative statement that identifies the similarity or difference in the two poems. The body of the essay will be paragraphs that analyze the two poems while consistently supporting the argument in your thesis statement.

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