Write a critical appreciation of W. B. Yeats's poem "The Second Coming."

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When one writes a critical appreciation of a poem, one should identify the poem's central purpose (its "meaning") and the devices and elements it uses in order to convey this purpose. It can also help to identify the poem's historical context, as this can help us to determine why the poet would have made the choices he or she did. Finally, one must assess how effective the poem is in terms of achieving what seems to be its central purpose.

In writing a critical appreciation of this text, it seems important to note that it was published in 1919, just the year after the end of what was then called The Great War, because the world had never seen anything like it and no one could imagine that such a catastrophic conflict could ever take place again. The war resulted in what seemed like a loss of innocence in the West; people were disillusioned by the death and waste and mass destruction, far larger than anything anyone had ever known...

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