Write 5 social-economical problems of adolescence.

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a question that depends a great deal on the socio-economic status of the teenagers because problems will vary from one class to another.  However, generally, teenagers have socio-economic problems in the following categories:

1. The need to keep conform to the consumption of their peers, including the need to wear particular clothing or have the latest electronic gadget or game.

2. The need for money for dating and other social activities.

3. The need for jobs.

4. The need to juggle work, school, and social life.

5. The temptation of drug use.

As I said, there is a great amount of variability in classes. For example, a teen from a poor family might have the pressure of helping his or her family financially and have concerns about keeping up with material goods in the peer group.  A teen from a wealthy family will have other kinds of pressures and problems.  Middle-class often teens face the difficulties of financing college and the social pressure that accompanies the expectation that they will go to college.

It is difficult for teenagers because they have all of these pressures and very little control over the means to overcome problems.