write 5 Characteristics of each Mode of transport land water and air

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Land transport:

  1. Takes place on land, using trucks, buses, trains, smaller vehicles like cars, etc. May also involves transport of liquids/gases through pipes.
  2. Commonly preferred for smaller distances
  3. Vehicles run on diesel, petrol (or gasoline), electricity or natural gas (CNG, etc.)
  4. Commonly preferred form of public transport
  5. Generally cheap for smaller distances

Water transport

  1. Takes place in water bodies: streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. It uses boats, ships, etc.
  2. Generally preferred for long distance cargo movement and/or tourism (cruise)
  3. Boats/ships run on liquid fuel (diesel)
  4. Not preferred for public transport, unless it is the only available option for mass transport, for example: for connecting smaller islands.
  5. Cheapest form of mass transport for long distance. However, it is also the slowest.

Air transport:

  1. Takes place in air using airplanes
  2. Preferred for long distance transport, esp. for human beings and smaller cargo
  3. Airplanes run on liquid fuel, generally a special blend known as jet fuel
  4. not used for mass public transport
  5. fastest option for travel, however it is a costly option.

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