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Write 3 pages on developing democracy.

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I assume you need to write an essay, or some sort of an assignment, on developing democracy, so I will try to give you some guidelines which might prove useful in your research and studying. First, you should provide a good introduction; then, you should have a well-structured analysis; and, finally, you should give a well-thought-out conclusion.

Democracy is a system of government in which the power is held by the whole population and the people govern themselves. It is a system of government designed by the people and for the people. The early forms of developing democracy were mainly focused on the protection of human rights and the interests of individuals; however, as time went by, the focus shifted to societal and communal growth and development. The most significant change was Jean Jacques Rousseau’s radical model of democracy, which abandoned the dominant, liberal understanding of democracy and had a huge impact on Marxist and anarchistic theories.

For Rousseau, democracy is a system in which the people can enjoy freedom and autonomy only if they are directly involved in the community’s developmental process. He believed that radical developing democracy is only possible if there is economic equality: no one should be rich enough to buy someone else, and no one should be poor enough to have to sell themselves. Rousseau’s ideas were heavily featured in most modern theories about participatory democracy, which was especially popular in the 60s and 70s. Rousseau is also considered the creator of the totalitarian democracy model.

Aside from Rousseau’s model of radical developing democracy, there is also a model of liberal developing democracy, which was designed by John Stuart Mill. According to his theories, by participating in democracy, the people can expand their knowledge and guarantee their personal progress. In other words, developing democracy is an educational experience for all citizens. This is why Mill argued that the people should participate in politics as much as they can and that the electoral right should be given to everyone, except the illiterate.

Mill believed that the key for achieving political stability is having a strong and independent local government. However, he also stated that, in a developing democracy, there is always a possibility that certain rights and freedoms might be taken away from the people (especially minorities) in the name of the community. He also believed that if the people accepted the will of the majority with little to no resistance, they could potentially destroy the concepts of constructive criticism and intellectual development. Thus, Mill’s ideas were used in the creation of the deliberative, or parliamentary democracy.

Even though Rousseau provided a solid fundamental theory on developing democracy, today’s societies, I believe, have shifted more toward Mill’s political ideas and theories, which focus on the prioritization of individuality. Rousseau suggested that the people should give as much as they can to society, but this meant that they had to sacrifice their individuality. Thus, Mill’s principle that “the actions of the individuals should only be limited to prevent harm to other individuals” has been widely accepted as the basis of modern law and jurisdiction.

Hopefully, I was able to give you some ideas on how to write your assignment. You can find more detailed information on developing democracy here.

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