Would you say that Steve Jobs was an ethical leader? 

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As stated in the earlier response, the way one answers this question is at least somewhat connected to how one defines "ethics." Many people define ethics as being similar to possessing integrity, and usually associate it with qualities such as honesty, compassion, and consistent actions on the side of what benefits society. In other words, an "ethical" person is someone who doesn't engage in hypocrisy, and who is more focused on benefiting the greater good than merely serving their own personal needs.

Having struggled with poverty in his youth, Jobs might be easily criticized for not being more of a philanthropist, given how wealthy he became. An article in the Harvard Business Review states he clearly was not much of a philanthropist, given his estimated worth at over $3 billion, as compared to technology moguls who have made similar wealth and who are known for their philanthropic actions (such as Bill Gates). One could argue this points to a lack of ethics in terms of trying to serve...

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