I need help writing 3 paragraphs, an intrduction, body and conclusion about the role of saltbush in wool production?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To write a three paragraph essay, you first need your facts pertaining to saltbush in wool production, for instance, that "saltbush is a low capacity sub-soil water pump," or whatever facts you have from your research. The second thing you need is your reason for writing.

I'll guess that your reason for writing is to report on the role of saltbush in wool production as opposed to proving that saltbush is harmful in wool production or essential in wool production or unsustainable in wool production, or beneficial in wool production, etc. In other words, my guess is that you are reporting on it and not offering a debatable thesis that requires proofs. If I'm correct, then your reason for writing is to inform, to state, to report.

The third thing you need to know is something about wool production. You need to be able to answer "What is wool production?" You need to know the who, what, where, and when of wool production. You also need to know how saltbush connects with wool production.

With the above information, you can write an Introduction, paragraph and Conclusion for saltbush in wool production. The Introduction will briefly answer "What is wool production?" [e.g., "Growing sheep's wool, also called wool production..."]. It will also tell the who, where and when of wool production [e.g., "Growing sheep's wool, also called wool production by the ranchers who engage in it, is a summer through spring ranching activity occurring in many climates."]. The Introduction will also say the connection between saltbush and wool production as well as your purpose in writing as clarified above, for instance to state, to inform about or to report on.

The paragraph after your Introduction will give the relevant facts that you've collected in your research and that you want to report, etc. Then your Conclusion will remind the reader of what you said in your Introduction but add a new reference to the information in your middle paragraph [e.g., "Wool production, a year-long activity, is connected to saltbush and produces greater yield for the ranchers."]

CAVEAT: You realize, of course, that I know nothing about saltbush in wool production, so my examples pertaining to saltbush and wool production are made up after a quick Google search. Handle with caution!