Would you please give a full paragraph about the environmental problems, their effects and the possible solutions?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, there are all different kinds of environmental problems and I do not know which problem you want discussed.  I will write about global warming.

One of the major environmental problems today is global warming.  It is caused by an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  This causes what is known as a "greenhouse effect."

The major effect of this greenhouse effect is to raise the temperature of the world as a whole.  If this continues, climate patterns around the world will change.  In addition, sea levels will probably rise, which will be bad for low-lying areas.

There are many possible solutions, all of them have to do with emitting less carbon dioxide -- either by using less energy or by finding energy sources that do not emit carbon dioxide.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Environmental problems refer to the damage caused to people by pollution of the environment by presence of harmful substances like chemicals and conditions like temperature, noise and vibrations. The polluting substances enter the environment through the medium of water, land and air. The pollutants are created and released in these mediums during production and consumption activities of the people living in these environments. Apart from the direct harmful impact of these pollutants, another matter of great concern is the pollutants can trigger chain reactions that can cause pollution of other mediums and regions. In particular the chain of reactions caused by pollution, which is commonly called as greenhouse effect, threatens to cause major irreversible damage to the earth and the people within less than next 50 years.

The possible solution to the environmental pollution requires action on many different fronts. Some major ways of tackling the environmental pollution problem include the following.

  • Improving the technology of production processes and consumer product to reduce the pollution created by exhausts, effluents, and garbage.
  • Treating the exhausts and effluents from production units to remove harmful pollutants.
  • Recycling of waste.
  • Disposing of waste in ways that its polluting effects are contained within a small safe area. For example burying waste deep under the ground where it can cause no harm.
  • Cutting down on wasteful consumption, particularly of products that cause pollution in their production and consumption.
  • Using renewable energy sources like solar power to reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Take care to prevent thoughtless destruction of forest cover and undertake programs of replanting of trees to compensate for the trees cut for industrial use and for other purposes.
  • Enacting and imposing national and international regulations to restrict polluting activities by individuals and firms and to motivate them to adopt less polluting technologies, processes and products.