would you identify the paradox the following sentences? " i love someone but i never think about them."

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to the previous post, there are a few more aspects to this paradox:

1) "Love" is an emotional experience for this speaker, whereas "thinking" is intellectual.  This speaker may be in the early stages of a relationship--the infatuation or puppy love stage--and only feel butterflies with his love is within contact.

Or, the speaker may be in a long-term relationship--married for several years--and has gotten so used to his mate that s/he no longer needs to "think" about him/her.  This is a kind of symbiotic relationship, where each partner lives inside the other--in this case, the heart more than the brain.

2) "Love" and "memory" may be antithetical.  Again, "love" may be a hands-on, physical experience for this speaker: s/he only loves in time, when the other is present.  After all, how can someone "love" a memory of another?  Does not "love" diminish over time if there is no contact?


readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That is a good question and paradoxes are wonderful things, because they make you think! With that said, one must also be open to the fact that a paradox may actually a contradiction.

I think one of the ways in which we can understand this paradox is by thinking of a possible scenario where this statement might be true. Here are two possibilities.

1. A person has a mental disorder and has a hard time remembering. Older people might experience this. An example comes from the movie "the Notebook."

2. I can see this taking place, if a person works really hard for another person and that work requires a high level of concentration.