Would you have liked to have had Meriwether Lewis as your friend why or why not?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Absolutely! Merriwether Lewis was one of the closest advisors to Thomas Jefferson, which is a president that has always caused intrigue in me. Not only was he his secretary and counsel, he was probably also his confidante, which makes him a very interesting choice for a friend.

Because of his great work, and his connection to Jefferson, MLewis became governor of Louisiana shortly after it was acquired. Louisiana has always been a beautiful, multicultural and exciting place ever since it first became part of the Union, and the newness of it all makes it all the more exciting.

Finally, I would have loved to know the exact reasons why he died, which have never been clear. Had I been his friend I would have been there to know for sure, and I would have caught whoever shot him, or I would have been there to persuade him from committing suicide if that is indeed what he did.

Nevertheless, being called "history's best pathfinder" would mean that being friends with him would have been the height of glamour and celebrity, not to mention that I will always find my way anywhere I go ;)

mkcapen1 | Student

I should think that he would have made for an interesting friend and certainly an exciting expedition.  I like courage in good from and I like adventure.  To meet someone willing to go where no man has gone before and take me along would have been wonderful.  I do not know that we would have had much in common other than the trip.  However, I could have learned much from the man about charting and surveying, documenting fauna, and the legalities of the government during his day.  He could have taught me to hunt and to be more self-sufficient.  My only concern would be that as he became more depressed later in life that his emotional state would have been difficult for me to manage.