Would you have an idea of what nonfiction article I could use for this assigment? Locate a nonfiction article that is related to the theme or central idea of one or more of the selections provided (ie: status, luxury, or French monarchy ).

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Since so much of the story revolves around class and status, and with Madame Loisel's unhappiness in regard to her own station, that seems to me to be a good place to begin searching. Although she was born of relatively low status and had no dowry or high connections, she married a good man, one who works for the government; however, she "suffered endlessly" as a result of her feeling that she ought to have "every delicacy and luxury," and her knowledge of her lower status makes her dramatically unhappy. You can begin by searching for stories having to do with class or social status. I found one article from The New York Times entitled "Class and the American Dream" and copied the link below. Another article, called "Why women fake their social status and class," also seems appropriate, especially given Madame Loisel's attempt to do something very similar. That link is pasted below as well.

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A really great resource for you is a free website called Newsela that has a lot of news articles centrally located so that you can find something on one of the topics you list.

You might also consider searching for articles on the websites of The New York Times, The Atlantic, or Time magazine.

For instance, I found an article entitled “Investigators Seize Fake Luxury Goods Worth a Billion Dollars.” This article could work, since the titular necklace in the story turns out to be a piece of costume jewelry rather than a genuine diamond piece.

On The Atlantic’s site, I found an article by Nitin Nohria called “The Lines that Divide America,” which discusses the socioeconomic gaps in the United States. This article could work, because it talks about how stratified class is, even in modern-day society.

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