Would you expect to find greater biodiversity in natural ecosystems, or human-made ecosystems such as farms, or a garden? Explain your answer.

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Natural ecosystems have far greater biodiversity. They are natural systems in which the plants and animals present are there because they are adapted to the particular conditions of that area. When humans plant gardens/farms, they spend a lot of energy in adapting the conditions to the plants they want to grow. They change the content and pH of the soil, eliminate native plants and insects, and usually grow what are essentially mono-cultures--one plant type in a set area. This is not the natural condition, and it makes it much easier for an insect, a virus, bacteria, or herbivore to come in and destroy the whole crop. In a natural system, plants are much more diverse,making such an occurrence unlikely. Diverse ecosystems are natural, and healthier; human-made ecosystems require a lot of additions that are not generally found in that area.

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Would you expect to find greater biodiversity in a natural ecosystem or a human-made ecosystem, such as a farm or a graden? Explain your answer.

Ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things working together. Ecosystems have no particular size or location. Generally, we classify ecosystems based on how they are created. The natural ecosystems are the type of ecosystems where it is found in nature. It has been there and evolved as the time pass by. Examples of natural ecosystems are forests, deserts, seas and many more. Man-made ecosystems are the artificial ecosystems made by man. Examples of which are farmland, aquariums, terrariums, gardens, ponds, and many more.

Biodiversity defines as the variation of species in an ecosystem. We can say that natural ecosystems have more biodiversities (or complexities in number of species) than the man-made ones. It is because man made ecosystems are limited to what the creator wants for his ecosystem. 

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