In Sons and Lovers, how can the relationship between Paul and his mother be categorized?

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The characters of Paul and Gertrude Morel in D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers are highly autobiographical. Lawrence, himself, had a relationship with his own mother which he mirrors in that of Paul and Gertrude.

Gertrude, who is a firm, strong-willed and intelligent woman is also a woman who feels dejected and unhappy with her own life. As a result, she vicariously lives through the lives of her children whom, as males, she considers to have been born for bigger and better things than herself.

The problem is that Gertrude has a tremendous amount of energy which rubs off on her children, making her smother them with her care and protection. This takes away from the normal balance that should exist between a mother and a child, where roles are delineated and boundaries are respected. The result is that Gertrude...

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