Would you consider "Abduction" by Peg Kehret to be a good representation of child abduction and why?

Expert Answers
lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The abduction of Bonnie's little brother Matt in Peg Kehret's novel "Abduction" is fairly realistic.  The little boy is lured into a car by a stranger who has his beloved pet, and the boy is kept in an apartment believing his mother and sister are dead, which explains why he doesn't try to call anyone or leave.  The part that (hopefully) isn't accurate is the fact that the little boy left his classroom to go to the bathroom where he ran into a guy dressed as a UPS worker; in this day and age, one would hope that all schools would have procedures in place to keep unauthorized people from hanging around at the end of the school day, which can by fairly chaotic.  It also seems a little unlikely that Bonnie would see her brother at a venue as busy as a baseball game, but the references to modern day strategies for finding missing children are realistic, and the ending, from a reader's perspective, is suspenseful, and ultimately, a happy one.