I would want to make a study concerning biological activity of fatty acids.

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Lipids are compounds widespread in the living world, being the main form of storage  of reserves of energetical material from bodies. Proteins in association with lipids and  in a small way with the sugars, are fundamental structural components of cells.

Depending on the chemical constitution, lipids are divided into two main classes:
1. Simple lipids - esters of fatty acids
2. Complex lipids - esters of fatty acids containing other groups besides alcohol and fatty acids

Fat is a vital part of any living cells. Also fats are the body's fuel reserves. Therefore, we cannot be healthy if in our diet  fats would lack . The problem arises because most of us eat too much fats, often in forms that the body can not easily process.Fat excess  does nothing more than to increase blood viscosity and adhesion, slowing down circulation and leading to a merge of red blood cells of others.In this aggregated state, red blood cells are unable to load the maximum capacity of oxygen and navigate through the microscopic capillaries. Deprived of oxygen and other nutrients, the body's cells become more susceptible to damage, disease and death. Most high-fat foods are loaded with cholesterol, substance injuring the inner wall of arteries. The body reacts by covering these  lesions with cells.
In the condition of an excess of fat and cholesterol in blood , body applies more and more "bandages" of this kind, one after another, until it formes plates.And when these plates grow enough to narrow or obstruct the coronary arteries that feed the heart, myocardial infarction occurs. When this happens in the arteries that feed the brain, a stroke occurs. Fats are constantly present in the blood, whether from food, whether produced by the body. Eating fats are formed, in essence, the fatty acids.

Natural fats are synthesized from sugars (carbohydrates) by plants and animals. Most of them from the animal body are of two types: 
- reserve carbohydrates,

-constitution fats .

Reserve (Spare) fats are stored, mostly, in various tissues and organs (seeds, fruit, leaves) or parts of microorganisms.They are also around the internal organs like: liver, kidneys, intestines, and connective subcutaneous tissue.
Constitution fats are part of every cell (component of cellular material). Its' composition is independent of eating and it's not consumed ever.

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