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Would someone please help me out with a couple of brief, but solid examples of qualitative research in regards to Marshal Scott Poole's, "Adaptive Structuration Theory"? Maybe pertaining to gaming online and how many participants ignore unwritten online etiquette when involved with multi-player computer or video games. Or the notorious twitter or facebok participants that are willing to adapt to the structure of social tech but either occasionally ignore or blatantly ignore the whole "adaptive structuration" of the process by delibertly going out of their way to offend other participants that would be just trying to adapt to some structure that facebook and or twitter try to encourage and/or enforce. Even a great cite from scholar journal would be even better. I really need some qualitative examples, please.

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There is a whole list of links to Adaptive Structuration Theory on the Social Networking Research Study (The Qulaitative Research Study for MySpace is particularly relevant.)  The original paper introduces The Social Software Performance Model, describing relevant factors and their interaction  to explain various patterns of privacy management. The Model is a synthesis of Adaptive Structuration Theory, the Fit Appropriation Model (socio-technical systems theory.) Adaptive Structuration Theory tries to understand and explain appropriation, the way users build in technology into their everyday tasks and actions) A central premise of the research is that the appropriation perspective is a useful method for analysing how social networking site users take up and adapt various privacy management features. This data is becoming increasingly valued and sought after with important world events often hinging on the light they shed - for example the recent re-election of President Obama - Nate Silver and Graf have interesting and illuminating material on this side of the topic.The race is now on to study AST even futher and it will be interesting to see whether both sides have caught up by the next election.

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