Would someone be able to explain this "story" please: Love and Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape? Thanks.It's a paragraph with different love songs - thanks Joelle

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Love and Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape was "written" by Amanda Holzer. Amanda is able to tell the story of a life through her ingenious mixing of song titles. While the names of the artists responsible for the songs are embedded, they have little impact on the "story" as a whole. By removing the names of the singers, one can follow the life of a person through solitude, to dating, marriage, marriage problems, and solitude again.

The importance of the story is that it exists as both a story of looking for love and as a metaphor for how songs, themselves, come and go (much like love and relationships).

The time-line of the story goes something like this:

All By Myself noting the person's solitude.  Looking For Love refers to the person's desire to find love. I Wanna Dance with Somebody could illustrate going to a club to find someone. Let's Dance could refer to the fact that the person has found someone and is trying to establish a relationship.

Let's Kiss and Let's talk About Sex refers to the relationship moving forward. Like A Virgin depicts the first time he/she has sexual intercourse. We've Only Just Begun, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, I'll Tumble 4 Ya, Head Over Heels, Nothing Compares To You, My Girl, and Could This Be Love? are all songs which depict how things are prior to moving on to the next level.

The next level: Love and Marriage, White Wedding, is the person's marriage.

Stuck in the Middle with You, Tempted, There Goes My Baby, What's Going On?, Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, Jealous Guy, Your Cheatin Heart, Shot Through the Heart, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart, and Heartbreak Hotel are all songs which show the problems which can appear in marriage (loss of love, adultery).

The following songs depict the couple trying to reconcile their differences: Stop! In the Name of Love, Try a Little Tenderness, Try (Just a Little Bit Harder), All Apologies, Hanging on the Telephone, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Love Will Keep Us Together, Let's Stay Together, It Ain't Over til It's Over, What's Love Got to Do With It?, and You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore.

The last part of the "story" refers to the fact that the relationship is over and the person finds them self alone again: I Wish You Wouldn't Say That, You're So Vain, Love is a Battlefield, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, (Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Must Have Been Love (But It's Over Now), Breaking Up is Hard To Do, I Will Survive,  Hit the Road Jack, These Boots Are Made For Walkin, All Out of Love, and All By Myself.