Would it be possible to have government without special-interest groups? Explain.

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Dictatorships do not use interest groups. Dictatorships are ruled by the will of the dictator. In a democracy, interest groups are quite common. Ideally, interest groups exist to let a politician know that there is a demand for a certain vote on an issue. There were special interest groups that led to women getting the right to vote, for abolition, and Prohibition. The leaders of special interest groups issue petitions and organize the people on an issue so they have one coherent voice. In today's world, special interest groups are less necessary as people have more direct access to their elected officials through social media and email.

Another way that special interest groups use their power is by giving campaign money to candidates who support a certain issue. This is probably the part of special-interest groups that people find distasteful as the public generally protests when they...

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