Would a person from Charleston, South Carolina feel at home (weather-wise) in Shanghai, China?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charleston, South Carolina, possesses a "temperate to subtropic climate." The city averages 230 days without rain. The average summer temperature is around 75 degrees; fall temperatures average out around 65 degrees. The average temperature during winter is is around 50 degrees, while the average spring temperature is about 65 degrees. The annual relative humidity in the city is 86% in the mornings and 56% in the evenings. Charleston averages about 50 inches of precipitation a year.

Weather in Shanghai, China, follows a typical four season year. Summer is both hot and wet. The average temperature of the summers is around 88 degrees. It rains on an average of 6 inches a month during June and September. Fall is quite chilly (depending upon what one is used to). During the fall, daytime temperatures average around 59 degrees; nighttime temperatures average around 41 degrees. Winters in Shanghai are coldest in January. The average temperature in January is around 39 degrees. This is also the city's driest month. March beings the spring season. early into spring, the weather is still quite cold (48 degrees). As May approaches, temperatures approach 70 degrees.

A person might not feel comfortable in Shanghai if he or she were originally from Charleston. The climates are significantly dissimilar.

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