Discuss Diana Baurind's categories of Parenting Styles.

Expert Answers
dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to Diana Baurind there are three distinct parenting styles. The permissive parenting style suggests that the parent conveys certain expectations of the child however little punitive action is taken by the parent for non-compliance. In most cases the parent regards their role as informative. The authoritarian parenting style sets the rules and does not allow for any deviation from those rules. This style is based upon restriction of action and demand of behavior. The authoritative parenting style suggests that the relationship between the parent and child is based upon a set of expectations...from the parent to the child. This style allows for the give and take that frankly is required in any healthy relationship.

From my own personal experience I believe that Baurind's authoritative parenting style depicts the right mix of parental authority and child autonomy to promote the growth of a young individual.