I would like to know, what is your view on the topic "Battle of the Bulge."

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I am thinking that you are talking about the popular term referring to the ongoing battle against obesity. If I am wrong, ignore my answer. Here is what I think:

It is a very contradictory thing. Right now on American TV there are around 5 celebrities getting paid high dollars to advocate Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, the Organic Juice and the South Beach diet.  On the same token, we have highly paid Chefs advocating for "foodies" and food shows featuring all kinds of food are hitting the HD market.

So, common sense tells us that moderation is key. But yet, there is another market always attacking- The fast food market.

In the US, for example, gourmet and healthy food is extremely expensive compared to the $10 dollar and $5 dollar pizza deals from Pizza Hut and Little Ceasar's respectively. Every fast food restaurant as a very convenient "dollar menu" now, for which an average college kid could get a 5 course, highly caloric, and extremely junkie meal for $7 including tax.

On top of that, every commercial linked to an upcoming holiday is about the chocolate, candy, junk, or outrageous meals you could be eating.

So, on one hand we have paid sponsors telling us to join a diet plan while another is telling us to love food, and the mainstream media is telling us to save money by eating junk.

Bit ironic, isn't it?

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The Battle of the Bulge turned out to be Hitler's last great offensive action of World War II. It was kind of a last ditch effort in an attempt to regain lost ground and hold the Allies at bay. Hitler was apparently hoping this victory would give him solid ground on which to negotiate a peace settlement before American and British (and Russian) troops invaded Germany. After initial progress, the Allied troops threw back the Germans, who had used most of their reserve troops; this left fewer numbers to combat the Russians who were steadily gaining ground from the north. With the battle lost, little hope was left for the Germans to stop the advancing Allies.

On a personal note, my father received his wound in the Battle of the Bulge. He was shot in the back by a sniper while changing a flat tire on a truck while serving with the IV Infantry Division.

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Well, it's pretty hard to have much of a view on this other than to say that I am glad that the Allies won the battle.

The Battle of the Bulge threatened to prolong the war in Europe by quite a long time.  If the Germans had succeded, many more Americans would surely have died.

The battle also goes to show the role of luck in warfare.  If the clouds had not covered the area for so long the German attack would not have done so well.  If they had not lifted when they did, it might have actually succeeded completely.

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