What could be some possible approaches I could take with a thesis on secret societies?

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As with all development of the thesis statement, I think that you need to ascertain what the requirements of the assignment are and what it is you need to assemble in the thesis statement.  Once this is determined, I think you will find that assembling it will be relatively direct.  There are some approaches that can be taken with the idea of secret societies.  The first would be to do some analysis with recruitment.  Are there similarities between the people who are recruited or are a part of secret societies?  Another approach that could be taken would be to discuss how American institutions of power are represented in secret societies.  For example, discussing how the Freemasons were involved in American government or related to American political thought could be a very interesting approach to take on the idea of secret societies.  Examining their presence today in American society might also be of interest.  If the society does not exist today in its original or intended form, discussing elements that helped to cause it to wither away might also prove to be a worthwhile exploration.  In these approaches, I think that a thesis statement on secret societies could be advanced and developed.

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i'm looking arguements or questions that i can come up with, in the angle of how freemasons has to do anything with the american government?