I would like to know the plot, theme, setting, characters and background of "The Most Dangerous Game" written by Richard Cornell.

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The only way to acquire the knowledge of everything about "The Most Dangerous Game" is to acturally read the story, for there is such enjoyment in its reading.  The nuances of foreshadowing, the suspense, and the ambiguous, yet exciting ending are missed if one does not read the story.

The story begins with a flippant Sanger Rainsford decrying the feelings of the prey that he and a friend are about to hunt.  But, in the night a shot rings out and Rainsford stands on the rail of the boat to peer into the dark, slipping overboard.  Here, then, begins the rising action of the plot as Rainsford is taken in by General Zaroff's servant. It is not long before Rainsford realizes, appalled, what the "most dangerous game" truly is.  As he is hunted, Rainsford has the realization, also, and sympathy of what it is "to be a beast at bay";  his earlier remarks, then, come hauntingly back. Another judgment finds a new perspective in Rainsford, as well, as his sympathies extend, not just to the prey, but also to the predator of this most dangerous of games against the sadistic General Zaroff.

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