I would like to know how to draw a mine map of Robert Cormier's Chocolate Wars.

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Can you give some more information on this? Do you mean a MIND MAP? I am not familiar with the term "mine map" used in the way that you are describing.

If you have been assigned to do a MIND MAP, then your assignment is to draw a diagram of ideas. A mind map is a type of brainstorming represented visually. You come up with one central idea -- such as the theme of the novel, or a main character, or a motif -- and then you find other words, phrases, visual images -- almost anything - that relate to the central idea. You can be as creative as you want to with what you include on the map, but the idea is that the things on the map should lead to the main idea, or enhance the main idea, hence the word "map".

For this novel, you could focus on the theme of bullying and intimidation, and then on your map, you could include instances of this in the novel, characters who were the worst offenders, quotes from the novel, etc. You can also look for pictures in magazines or newspapers that illustrate this theme.

See the link below for information on the novel.

If this is not what you mean, please rephrase your question and ask again.

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