Do you know any famous passages in Shoeless Joe?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Kinsella's work does not feature much in way of passages that are famous or stand out on their own.  Yet, I think that there are a coupe of important passages that really help to bring out the theme of the work.  When Ray describes his love of the land, it is highly significant.  It reflects that there is a level of love or passion that is intrinsic, critical to the definition of a human being.  This love that Ray articulates lays outside the realm of materialism, social status, or being seen in the eyes of others.  It is a pure love, something that is an externalization of one's own passions.  In much the same way, Shoeless Joe describes his love for playing baseball in a manner that shows this intrinsic passion.  When he argues that money was not important for him in the playing of the game, it is reflective of Ray's speech about the love for his land.  In both characters' passages, one sees a common thread regarding their character in how both view reality.  There is a domain of passion or zeal that must live outside of the external love.  Consciousness, or one's state of being in the world, is a process where one must "hear" that voice within and act upon in it for it is a reflection of one's own true sense of being.  I think that both of these passages bring this idea out in a very powerful manner.