Charles Baudelaire

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I would like to know the address of the house of Charles Baudelaire, the famous French writer.  

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From 1843-45 he lived at 17 quai d'Anjou, at what was l'Hotel Pimodan, today the Hotel Lauzon. It is estimated that he lived at from 30 to 40 different places in Paris and lived in Brussels some, although his remains now reside at Cimetiere du Montparnasse, Paris.  It was at the Pimodan hotel that he and Theophile Gautier founded and held meetings of le Club des Haschischins.  He reportedly moved six times in one month, and never actually had a settled home.  Two years at one address was as settled as he ever got.

He was born in a house at 13 rue Hautefeuille on the Left Bank, but the house was torn down in the 20th century when the Boulevard Saint Germaine was cut through the area.  At the house on the corner of Hautefeuille and St. Germaine there used to be a plaque claiming it was Baudelaire's birthplace, but it has been taken down since it wasn't actually correct.  His father died in 1827, and Charles and his mother lived in a house somewhere in Neuilly, a suburb of Paris, for some months.  The next year she married Jacques Aupick, a military officer, later general and senator, and thereafter they moved frequently to wherever he was stationed.  Baudelaire never really had anything like a settled address, the two given above are about the only places he lived for long.

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