I would like general information about My Mortal Enemy by Willa Cather.

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My Mortal Enemy is the eighth novel by Willa Cather and was published in 1926. It is often considered to be Cather's darkest work and revolves around the disillusion of the notion of marital bliss. The story revolves around Mrya Henshawe, a woman who wonders if she has made the right decisions in life. As she spends the holidays in New York City, she sees acquaintances from the past that put her in a depressed mood.

Myra made the bold choice in her youth to marry for love and, in doing so, forfeited a sizable fortune from her uncle. This is a classic romantic trope, but My Mortal Enemy shows this story from an inverted perspective, focusing largely on Myra's regret where her marriage is concerned.

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Willa Cather wrote the novel My Mortal Enemy after having written seven earlier ones. The plot of the novel is revolves around Myra and Nellie and their husbands. Myra's husband is Oswald and she regrets having eloped to marry him in spite of her family's wishes because the fortune she would have inherited went instead to charity. When Myra becomes ill and eventually dies, her husband shows no profound emotion; he loved her despite the difficulties and unhappiness she caused him as a result of her behaving so harshly. After Myra's death, her husband moves to Alaska and years later, Nellie hears that he has died. One of Cather's primary focuses in her years of writing was the idea of exile, being a stranger in a strange land. Critics regard this novel as the jewel of Cather's examination of this theme.

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