I would like to find out more about Naipaul's satirism on Hinduism in A House for Mr. Biswas.

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Really, this novel concerns one man's attempts to integrate his Hindu roots with a Western style of life. Through this challenge, Naipaul satirises the way in which characters use Hinduism to advance their own interests rather than as a genuine faith. Clearly, on great example of this in action is the way in which Mohun's village is ruled by the whims of the Hindu pandit, and how everybody responds to him.

In the same way, another good example of this is the Tulsi family, who are shown to oscillate between Hinduism and Christianity depending on which religion will get them the most advantage. Note the way that Mrs. Tulsi uses her traditional Hindu faith to maintain her rule over her family whilst at the same time sending her sons to Christian schools so that they can be educated in the ways of the West. Hinduism is something that is shown to be satirised by the ways that characters use and abuse it for their own interests and purposes. The difficulties that Mohun has in trying to reconcile these two influences in his own life seem to suggest that achieving a true reconciliation is actually something that is very hard to gain.

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