I would like a brief summary of chapter 9 from Of Plymouth Plantation. I read it, but I just don't understand the whole jist of it.

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In the beginning of the chapter it reports of a young man who was giving everyone else aboard the ship a tough time. People struggled with sea-sickness and other ailments during their long journey and everyone just got sick of him. Well, he grew a disease of his own and died, thus he had to be thrown overboard and the people trusted that the Lord allowed that to happen on purpose. He received justice.

Bradford discusses another condition of the ship as it had endured some difficulties in strong crosswinds. This meant necessary repairs and the crew and carpenters consulted each other and made necessary repairs. He reports of one man falling over but catching a piece of the boat so that he could crawl back on. Throughout the rest of the voyage that time only one servant died.

They took this boat up to the coast, saw Cape Cod and rode up the Hudson River looking for a good place to dock. Since people as they knew them didn't inhabit the land, there wasn't a dock per se. When they did finally land all they found was "savages with arrows." It was winter when they landed and they struggled through that first one for they were not used to the storms that raged on them in this new land. All they had left was their God to lean on after all of these struggles.

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In Chapter 9, Bradford begins narrating the events that take place after September 6, 1620, when the Pilgrims and the crew of the Mayflower set sail on one boat towards the New World. An arrogant sailor laughs at the people who are sick on board the ship and taunts them with the possibility that they will be thrown overboard after dying, but he then takes sick and dies and is the first person tossed overboard. 

Bradford talks about the storms that the ship encounters and relates the story of John Howland, who is tossed overboard but survives by catching hold of the topsail halyards. Howland goes on to be an important member of the Pilgrim community in Cape Cod. One of the passengers dies en route. The ship then reaches Cape Cod. The Pilgrims want to push on to the Hudson River, but they encounter breakers and return to the Cape. Upon landing, they thank God, and Bradford relates how lonely they feel upon encountering a land where they knew no one and it was winter. They face what Bradford describes as a great wilderness, and their only consolation is their faith that God will help them.