I would just like to hear anecdotes from anyone who can tell me about how your ‘experience and emotion affected your reality’. I would just like to hear anecdotes from anyone who can tell me about how your ‘experience and emotion affected your reality’ or anything, such as cultures and beliefs or just an experience that affected/changed your reality.

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I went from being a slight under-achiever who really didn't care too much about studying and grades to being an overachiever who went to the top of the class. I didn't really study or try hard during my 6th grade year. I was making mostly B's and C's (not that those were bad grades, but I just was not working up to my potential). At the end of my 6th grade year, there was an honors program for all students who had maintained a certain Grade Point Average throughout the year. I had earned this GPA (3.0) just one quarter out of the year, but was hopeful that it would be enough for me to still be inducted into this honor society.

I fretted and fantasized about being inducted into this society all weekend. So I came to school dressed up that day, and after the teacher called the names of all of the students who were on the list and who could be dismissed from class to go to the honors program, she looked at me, saw that I was dressed up, saw the look on my face and said, "Your name is not on here."

I was devastated, but it was at that moment that I was motivated to work extremely hard and never ever miss out on any Honor Society. That next year in 7th grade I was inducted into National Junior Honor Society and earned numerous academic awards and honors. These academic achievements continued through graduate school.

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Experience changed my reality when I became friends with a British solar physicist because curiosity about what he held in his mind inspired me to read solar and quantum physics; this changed my experience because of knowledge and insight gained and by gaining a new avocation of science writing.

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This experience  changed me as a teacher and as a person.  I had an 8th grade boy in class labeled Emotionally, Behaviorally Disturbed.  He could be very difficult in class and often had a paraprofessional assigned to him for the day.  One day, he and the para were working in the hall when the para came back  in the room, asked me to help get this boy back into the room as he hadn't asked for permission to leave, and would not listen to her.  When I went out in the hall, my first impulse was to assert my authority by yelling at him to get back in the room.  For some reason, I felt that I must not do that.  So, I asked him to explain why he was out in the hall working on his paired assignment.  His explanation changed everything.  He said,"It's too noisy in there for me to concentrate." So, I told him that was good thinking to want to finish the work but not acceptable to not ask for permission or explain his reason why.  Now this was a boy who refused to do work, created a scene when asked to work, and who did not trust many people.  That day, I learned to ALWAYS ask first WHY the student was doing something and allow for explanations which weren't visible at first.  My own son is autistic and I began to look. ask more questions, and listen much more carefully to him and others from then on.  I even began volunteering at the local jail as a crisis counselor which is really to listen carefully.  That boy taught me that I didn't know as much as I thought I did, that more was hidden from view that I believed, and that if I asked first, I often got far more accomplished.  My new belief changed everything for  me.

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